- Barn 1 - The Training Barn

The Training barn is a 10 stall barn with a washing station and tack room. Each stall has a steel half door and a window. The Barn is fully functioning with electric at each stall. We call this the training barn as it is close to our 1.5 mile training track and close to 5 turn out paddocks and a round ring that can be included in your rental.

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- Barn 2 - The Mare Barn

The Mare Barn. The mare barn is our largest and most modern barn. It features 26 large stalls, large enough for a mare and foal. The stall doors are a European double door design that allows the stall to be fully opened. The center aisle of this barn is concrete while the stalls have a sand/dirt base. Each stall is equipped with electric and lighting throughout the barn. There is no loft area in this barn. Adjacent to this barn there are 13 turn out paddocks that may be included in your rental.

- Barn 3 - The Foaling Barn

Each stall is large and is fully enclosed with either wood or steel caging to protect the young foal and a protected window for ventalation. The center of this barn is dirt as are the stall bases. There is a small medicine room with running water and a sink.Adjacent to the foaling barn there are 5 turn out paddocks, a round ring, and a run in shed that can be added to your rental.

Note: There is a 3 bedroom apartment over the foaling barn that is not included in the barn rental.

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Horse Boarding Facilities

Historic Arcadia Farm has a recent history rich in the race horse industry. Currently we are no longer breeding, raising, training, and racing horses but have the infrastructure to facilitate others to lease portions of the farm for that purpose.

Historic Arcadia Farm offers the following for lease. Our facilities are available on a daily, monthly, and or yearly basis. We will lease by the stall, by the paddock, by the barn, or the facility as a whole to those interested in a beautiful location to raise, ride, train and board horses.

All of our leases are for self-care boarding as we do not staff currently for any boarding assistance for horse owners. We also do not offer any equipment, tack, bedding, or feed.

Historic Arcadia Farm Amenities
  • Paddock and Training Rings 20 Paddocks with Self-Waterers and 3 with Walk-In Sheds 3 round rings of various sizes
  • 3 Large Equestrian Focused Barns Each barn has electric, water, and large center aisle 1 barn with a heated lab room, 1 barn with a bathing stall with hot and cold water Each barn is within close proximity to an efficient number of turn out paddocks
  • 1.25 Mile Oval Training Track The oval track is located within a close proximity to one of our barns The track provides for a gravel base and can be further developed for training
  • 48 Individual Stalls Each stall equipped with electricity, ventilation,
    and lighting
    Each stall has large steel doors and are lined on the inside for horse safety
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Historic Arcadia Farm Crop Rotation.

Under a lease partnership with Pruitt Farms, nearly 500 acres of Historic Arcadia Farm is now in a sustainable crop rotation. It is very important to keep the farm in the business of farming along with all of the other ventures. The Pruitt Family have a long history of being kind to the land, being mindful of the other farm ventures, and maintaining a consistent cover so that the farmland is preserved for years to com.

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